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Friday, October 20, 2006

How To Not Play Tournaments?

This just busts me up! When I've nothing better to do or I'm doing something that just takes marginal attention, I'll go play a freeroll tournament somewhere just for the heck of it. Nothing to lose and might be worth a grin or two. Well, I was doing this last night and I was ready to go to bed, so just before the 2nd break I typed into the chat, "gotta go to bed, going full tilt." I did not lose a single all-in for more than a dozen straight hands! I was going all-in with total crap and pulling the winning hand every time! And when new people came in and hadn't seen my msg, but figured out what I was doing, they would call me with a real hand and I would have a better one. I was apologizing for every suckout! I remember one all-in with 23o, a sure loser. Flop was AQ3 and I was pretty sure one of the two callers had an Ace or a Q. One had KJo and the other had TJs! My lousy pair of 3's held up and won the hand. The chatbox lit up.

By the time we hit the break, I was chip leader by more than a factor of two. I typed, 'good night and gl all' and went to bed, thinking I'll eventually just die when the blinds get really big. Well, I suppose that's what happened, but apparently I still finished 19th to qualify for one of the 27 seats to the Sunday tournament!

Well, that's fine and dandy, and would be unremarkable except for that extraordinary run and the fact that I didn't play after the first two hrs., but I had already won a seat to the Sunday tournament!

I told you I just did this for grins! I mean, it's a freeroll!! People play like maniacs in these tournaments!!! It was only with the greatest skill and cunning that won this seat!!!! And here I go and win another one without even being there and by pure luck!!!!! Since I already had a ticket to the Sunday tournament, I ruined somebody's 5 hr. investment. FYI, I had about T211,000+ at the 2nd break when I went to bed. Too bad PokerStars doesn't provide hand histories for freerolls. Would have been interesting to see how well I played while I was asleep... literally!


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