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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Some All-Ins Are More Satisfying Than Others

This guy had been a raising station the whole tournament. When he went all-in after the turn and I saw he had the straight flush draw, I thought I was walking. When I killed him, the table cheered.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ve Haf Vays Ov Making You Blog...

Okay, so I ain't so serious about updating my blog. But I'll see if I can at least keep some of the WWdNers amused. Patchmaster has spoken. Played the WWdN on Tues. last and unknowingly finished in the money. I didn't even know I was at the final table! Here are some screenshots from the tournament.

One notable hand that I am sure all poker players can sympathize with:

I flopped the nut flush and didn't even notice the nuts was a straight flush. I slow-played the flush and when the 4 came up on the turn, he (ricoM) went all-in. Of course I called him, thinking he made a straight or was also slow-playing a flush. I was counting my chips when he just showed the set. When the river turned up and the chips went his way, I was shocked! I was robbed!! Grand Theft Poker!!! I demand a Congressional investigation!!!! Where's my poker lawyer?!!!!!

Ya, I know. He had 11 outs... AFTER the turn. If I had gone all-in on the flop, he would have almost certainly folded his dinkies. Or else he would have had to pull two runners and we all know how painful that can be. Even if I had put up a moderate 3xBB bet on the flop, he would have at least suspected I had either a straight or a flush or a bigger pair than his and probably not gone all-in with a lousy pair of 4s. Whatever.

Point remains: I was robbed!

Patchmaster, who successfully goaded me into updating this blog, has a discussion on how fast one should play "big" hands at his blog:

Oh, oh, I just checked Patchmaster's blog. Yes, I missed the WWdN Not last eve and, yes, I was at a fancy wine event. I do believe I am going to have to alter the premises of this blog and keep it poker-oriented. I'm going to create a wine blog for my wine people. Will post when up.