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Friday, November 17, 2006

WWdNot 2006 Nov 16

In a dazzling display of brilliant heads-up play, plus a few major suckouts, L0K1 arose from the dead and did NOT NOT win the WWdNot. [SCREENSHOTS] Even the most casual observer had to say, Wow. His victory hand was slow-played rockets with which he called an all-in after the flop. Nomad1539 had two pair. The A on the turn started L0K1 off on the victory lap.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

WWdNot - 2006Nov02

A small dozen turn out, but still fun. Perhaps the new start time was too confusing. At least it didn't take 4+ hrs. I sucked out a couple of hands on the river, but otherwise couldn't get a flop with a 12-gauge shotgun. Don't miss the last two hands of the tournament with hoyazo and xkm heads-up. Hoy was ahead in the chip count by a factor of 4 to 1 until the LAST TWO HANDS. Screenshots.

My own demise was at the hands of hoy's QQ. My dinky 77 just got brushed aside like Autumn leaves in the driveway.
Mookie - 2006Nov01

Very first hand, UTG, pocket rockets. I limped in as did a few others including Iakaris in the BB. Flop was 9JQ. Iak makes a big bet and I'm thinking he's got AQ or KQ. I go all-in and I could almost hear him chuckling. I didn't need to see his cards. He had KTs and had flopped the nut straight. All I could do was compose myself enough to catch screenshots.

Amazing how many screenshots you can take when you've nothing better to do.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

WWdN - 2006 Oct 31

I should have gone trick or treatin'! At least I would have gotten some candy. I couldn't catch a hand if Christmas depended on it. Correction, the few hands I caught weren't worth peanuts and then VTepes sucks out on the river to put me out of my misery. Screenshots.
WWdN - 2006 Oct 24

I was too late to register to play, because I was playing real poker (1-2 NLHE) at the new poker room at Green Valley Ranch, Henderson,NV. Was doing pretty well, so I didn't bother to keep realy close track of the time. I did catch some screenshots when I checked in on the tournament.